34 Commits (master)

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  Rick Hermans 608a930f0f Fix append in getAllMembers function 3 years ago
  Rick 407554dfea Add hashing functions to quickly check if the objects have changed 5 years ago
  Rick bd325511f1 Checks if rol id exists. Fixes #3 5 years ago
  Dennis Potter 292b046b62
Data is now actually refreshed in refresh() method 5 years ago
  Dennis Potter 61bfac637f
Added dat_cat_id to Event class 5 years ago
  Rick 2c06b741bd Add ready state in Admidio class init 5 years ago
  Rick 6b6f92d976 updating more relative imports 5 years ago
  Rick 126e5b7a9a change imports to relative imports. Adding refresh option 5 years ago
  Dennis Potter eaa46ba42d
This fixes the same redundancy which was also described for the Group class in c4ab7b12f6 5 years ago
  Dennis Potter c4ab7b12f6
Removed db argument from Group class 5 years ago
  Dennis Potter 97902295fe
Events are now ordered by date when pulled out of the MySQL DB 5 years ago
  Dennis Potter bdc2aef993
Added distinction between members that will attend, that will not attend, and will maybe attend an event 5 years ago
  Dennis Potter 4a2e7c6df1
Added a missing parameter of the admidio Class 5 years ago
  Dennis Potter 8cdef00d38 Added requirements.txt 5 years ago
  Rick 5042caf291 Fix date to string in sql 5 years ago
  Rick 113aa272b3 Fixing previous commit (sql clause at wrong place) 5 years ago
  Rick f19ce23d03 Update to only include current members in groups 5 years ago
  Rick 7606d7f0cf update readme.md 5 years ago
  Rick 95b83cca7f remote main.py 5 years ago
  Rick 97f5907cbf Fix to let it function as a library 5 years ago
  Rick b150b7e12f update main.py example 5 years ago
  Rick 8bde958828 Add custom admidio db prefixes 5 years ago
  Rick 88a63453e3 Update gitignore 5 years ago
  Rick ebdd8f613e Removing some debug strings 5 years ago
  Rick beb43dcd12 Adding events to the API 5 years ago
  Rick d304a06995 Refractoring admidio class 5 years ago
  Rick 92ff53c91d Update gitignore to not log changes of vscode and pycharm 5 years ago
  rick 456de81b4a Update TODO in readme.md 5 years ago
  Rick 2735475eb8 Update gitignore and fix comment styling in admidio.py 5 years ago
  Rick b2228628bb update readme.md codeblock syntax highlight 5 years ago
  rick 19493a8849 Update readme 5 years ago
  Rick 823561c992 First version 5 years ago
  Rick 14a6cbc447 Initial Commit 5 years ago
  Internetcommissie a594be7e03 Initial commit 5 years ago